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Art Lessons of letting go and breathing life

Uncategorized / February 27, 2014

From the book, Brave Intuitive Painting by Flora Bowley:

Turn your canvas or paper every 15 minutes or even 5 minutes if you are short on time. After every turn step back and see what is emerging. Add new elements with each turn. How does this feel? How does it look? Do you feel anxious or excited? Do you feel any resistance to changing your work?

Turning the paper provides new perspective and forces you, as an artist, to have your original vision be challenged. It frees the air from the feeling of needing to know what will be produced, of being perfect, and the freedom to loosen up. This is a meditative practice of letting go and not attaching to circumstances.

Feel free to add upload photos of your creation and I will update you on my own.


Another version of this project would be working on two canvases or paper, switching between them every 5/15 minutes. Challenge yourself to cover up 3/4ths of what you’ve previously painted. Work like this for 2 hours to build up four layers on each surface.