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Soul’s Palette Art Exhibit

Organization, Visual Arts / March 29, 2014

At the March 21st opening of the Aerial Voyage Exhibit at Next Gallery, Soul’s Palette Arts was lucky enough to be able to share space with the featured artist Suzanne Bates. We featured artwork from our patients and also hung 1000 paper cranes symbolizing the Japanese legend of hope–make 1000 origami cranes & you will be granted a wish…

Art Show 3

One of our featured artists, Susan Howard, explains how her crane poster (pictured below) represents her journey.

“This crane collage represents my journey with leukemia. I woke up one morning with this image in my head and decided to get to work right away. Orange is the symbolic color for leukemia and all of the orange cranes are flying off in my past. Green is the symbolic color for stem cell transplants and all of the green cranes are flying into my future, ultimately curing me of this disease.” - Susan Howard

Art Gallery 2

Art Lessons of letting go and breathing life

Uncategorized / February 27, 2014

From the book, Brave Intuitive Painting by Flora Bowley:

Turn your canvas or paper every 15 minutes or even 5 minutes if you are short on time. After every turn step back and see what is emerging. Add new elements with each turn. How does this feel? How does it look? Do you feel anxious or excited? Do you feel any resistance to changing your work?

Turning the paper provides new perspective and forces you, as an artist, to have your original vision be challenged. It frees the air from the feeling of needing to know what will be produced, of being perfect, and the freedom to loosen up. This is a meditative practice of letting go and not attaching to circumstances.

Feel free to add upload photos of your creation and I will update you on my own.


Another version of this project would be working on two canvases or paper, switching between them every 5/15 minutes. Challenge yourself to cover up 3/4ths of what you’ve previously painted. Work like this for 2 hours to build up four layers on each surface.

Nancy Culver

Organization / February 24, 2014
Nancy Culver moved to Denver with her husband and two daughters in 1995. She holds an A.A.S. Degree in Graphic Design Communications from Villa Maria College in Buffalo, N.Y. and a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from Regis University, Denver. She has always had a passion for art and creativity and has become increasingly interested in how it can be used in the healing process. She believes the creative process can take us to a peaceful place where all the stress of life disappears.
Nancy started volunteering with the Healing Arts program in December 2013. Her favorite famous artist quote is “One can speak poetry just by arranging colors well, just as one can say comforting things in music.” – Vincent van Gogh

Tandy Rackerby

Organization / February 21, 2014


Tandy has enjoyed living and working in the Denver community for over 25 years, and joins Soul’s Palette Arts supporting the oncology and pediatric patients through her year long internship as a graduate expressive art therapy student.  Now on her second career in expressive art therapy, Tandy has interned at Porter Hospital and addiction treatment facilities before joining our team.  She holds a bachelors of science in Mass Communications from ASU, and is working on her Masters of Science in Counseling/Psychology with a concentration in Expressive Arts Therapy from Prescott College in Arizona.

She values her role as a wife, mother of a grown daughter, photographer (former videographer at the Las Vegas ABC News affiliate), gardener, digital artist, skier, and golfer. Tandy provides the bone marrow transplant patient with creative therapeutic activities in effort to lower their stress, improve coping skills, and aid in their healing process.  Her motto is “Boredom is not an option.”  More and more she spends a part of her time with patients showing them digital art apps on their personal tablets, as a majority of them are coming in with these portable image-making devices.  The benefit of digital art making is patients can create anywhere, during chemo treatments, at home or in the hospital and the patients can easily share their artwork to family and friends with a click of a button.  She engages with the pediatric patients either by their bedside or in small group activities held in the pediatric playrooms.  She exudes passion in her role here and carries that love to the patients.

Update: Project Little Hearts

Organization / October 3, 2013

Project Little Hearts is in full swing and as you may know, our volunteer Nathaniel handmade get-well bags with a special get-well wish for each of the 60+ children getting life saving open-heart surgeries in Honduras. To read more about Nathaniel’s contribution to Project Little Hearts click here.

photo (1)

So far the kids are loving the bags that Nathaniel made. They are given the bags before their heart surgery so they can keep all their goodies in them until after they’re done.

photo copy

The mother of this boy was especially touched by the special get-well wish from Nathaniel.

Stay tuned for more updates and also visit the Barnabas Foundation Facebook page for more photos and updates on the surgeries.


How-To: Magic | Disappearing Card

How-To's / September 14, 2013

Travis is at it again! Our children and adult patients love having Travis around to ease their everyday stresses with his magical illusions! This one is sure to impress your friends! Try it out!

Project Little Hearts

Organization / September 1, 2013

Between September 19th and October 1st a team of 50+ highly skilled medical professionals from across the U.S. will be traveling to Honduras to repair the hearts of 60+ children via heart catheterizations and open-heart surgeries for Project Little Hearts (PLH) (To learn more click here). The children scheduled for open-heart surgeries begin their journey with several weeks of pre-op care, then they will be transported to Ruth Paz Hospital in San Pedro Sula for their catheterizations and/or surgeries. They will then receive post-op care and when healing is complete, return to their homes.  They will continue to receive follow-up care through an extended care program.  This comprehensive care program is what sets it apart from all others.  Throughout Honduras, it is regarded as the best program for pediatric heart surgeries in the entire country!

Souls’a Palette Arts volunteer Nathaniel was asked to make 60 drawstring bags to be used as get-well packets for the kids in Honduras. He spent his last weekend before school hand-making all 60 bags each including a special get-well wish. Through Project Little Hearts (PLH) big hearts are healing little hearts.

projectlittleheartsvolunteer   projectlittleheartsvolunteer2

Irish Dance Performance

Performances / August 16, 2013

The young and talented dancers from the Moriarty-Moffitt School of Irish Dance performed at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. Some of our dear pediatric patients, their families and caretakers were able to come down to the lobby to see the performance. Delightful to say the least!


How-To: Magic | Disappearing Coin

How-To's / August 9, 2013

Everyone at Soul’s Palette knows how special our volunteer Travis is to the organization and his patients. His magic brings happiness and relief to many children and adults who are suffering life threatening illness. Watch as Travis Barlock lets us all in on one of his magical secrets. Look for more secrets unveiled by Travis in the future!


Blog, Organization / July 16, 2013

Travis Barlock volunteers his time at Souls Palette Art’s as a magician. He is also a student at University of Denver pursuing a career in medicine. This past spring, his fraternity partnered with a sorority to host a philanthropy event. Five hundred dollars in proceeds from that event were graciously donated to Souls Palette Arts.

We thank them immensely for their donation.