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Meet Shauna Perry!

Organization, Visual Arts / August 23, 2016


Shauna holds a master’s degree in Art Therapy and Counseling from Southwestern College in Santa Fe, NM. She is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Colorado as well as a registered art therapist. Shauna has provided counseling and art therapy to children, adolescents, and families from diverse ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds. She has offered art therapy and counseling to clients in hospital, home based, camp, and school based settings. She currently serves as the President on the Board of Directors for the Art Therapy Association of Colorado.

Shauna values the art process as an active approach to healing; she is holistic, strength based, and person centered. During art therapy sessions the client is encouraged to directly participate in the act of creating in order to access and express their innate wisdom and unique healing abilities. Art therapy methods are also used to offer a vehicle for the safe expression of emotions, empowerment, as well as to promote meaningful expression during times of loss and adjustment.

Shauna creates her own art for relaxation, self- awareness, and personal growth. She enjoys oil painting, mixed media, and clay work.

We LOVE Felting!

Blog, How-To's, Visual Arts / January 9, 2015

Sheep’s wool can be transformed into felt using the technique called wet felting. This process involves moisture, heat, and pressure. Warm soapy water makes the wool slippery, and causes the fibers to open up. With agitation and pressure the fibers get tangled together. After the excess water is squeezed out and the project is dried, the finished product is soft and durable much like felt bought at a craft store. By layering and arranging different colors of wool these children have created unique pictures.

Felt dog   felt 1Felt 2felt 3

Soul’s Palette Art Exhibit

Organization, Visual Arts / March 29, 2014

At the March 21st opening of the Aerial Voyage Exhibit at Next Gallery, Soul’s Palette Arts was lucky enough to be able to share space with the featured artist Suzanne Bates. We featured artwork from our patients and also hung 1000 paper cranes symbolizing the Japanese legend of hope–make 1000 origami cranes & you will be granted a wish…

Art Show 3

One of our featured artists, Susan Howard, explains how her crane poster (pictured below) represents her journey. “This crane collage represents my journey with leukemia. I woke up one morning with this image in my head and decided to get to work right away. Orange is the symbolic color for leukemia and all of the orange cranes are flying off in my past. Green is the symbolic color for stem cell transplants and all of the green cranes are flying into my future, ultimately curing me of this disease.” – Susan Howard Art Gallery 2

Arts in Pediatrics

Visual Arts / May 31, 2013

We love introducing many different art forms in pediatrics, through one-on-one interactions, and group activities. Art is a powerful tool for self expression and coping with illness!



38 7  2                             11.pediatrics 15.pediatrics 12.pediatrics

Rememberance Tree

Visual Arts / May 31, 2013

The Colorado Blood Cancer Institute Memorial Service was held on May 16th in commemoration of the patients who passed away this year. Healing Arts was asked to be present at the ceremony, to make a piece of artwork with family members in remembrance of their loved ones. We made a remembrance tree and invited everyone to write or draw on a leaf. To remember the smiles, the laughter, and the moments that brought them the greatest joy; to remember their strength and loving spirit.

Life is all about how you handle Plan B. you handled it with such grace… Your strength was amazing! You never, never, never gave up… What an honor to walk the path of life with you…

Thank you for sharing your memories with us!

–Jill Popp




Valentines Day in the BMT Unit

Visual Arts / February 15, 2013

Our healing arts intern, Cait, made a special Valentines Day project with the nurses and staff of our bone marrow transplant unit.

photo (4)

Oncology Artist Bruce

Visual Arts / February 1, 2013

Every one at Souls Palette enjoys working with Bruce in the Oncology Unit. He is always up for an art project and delighted to have visitors. This is a photo of Bruce and one of our interns, Jill Popp holding two beautiful watercolor paintings he made during his stay in the hospital.

Bruce and Jill



Bruce is skilled in many art forms. Below, is a photo of Bruce knitting very elegant and intricate lace.



Painting of a dog

Visual Arts / December 21, 2012

by Dr. Joy