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Duct Tape Rose Pen How-To

How-To's / March 19, 2013

Step One: Measure the tape and cut the petals.

Cut 24-35 strips of duct tape for the petals.  each strip of duct tape should be measured and cut 2 inches long. The flowers petals can be any color of duct tape or multiple different colors.


Step Two: folding the petals.

Take one 2inch strip, sticky side up and fold down one corner so that you are left with an “L” of stick.


Step Three: Forming the flower

Cut a small square of duct tape and cover the end of the pen to create the center  of the flower. Then, take your first petal and wrap it around the end of the pen. Continue to wrap each petal so the points are staggered.

Step-5 Step-6

Step Four: Making the stem

Measure a strip or green tape the size needed to cover  the pen from the cap to the base of the flower. Wrap the strip of green tape around the pen.

Step Five: Finishing touches

Cut a half inch piece of green duct tape (or what ever color you used for the stem. Then cut that into 4 equal squares. Stick the squares to the base of the flower evenly spacing the points.