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Magician Travis, Visits Kids in Pediatrics

Performances / March 26, 2013

February 22, 2013


Soul’s Palette Arts and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children are excited to have Travis Barlock joining us once a months for magic performances. Travis likes doing group shows as well as working  with patients in theirs rooms. When he is working one-on-one with teens and preteens, Travis likes to follow his show with a mini magic lesson. The patient picks one of the tricks and Travis shows them how it’s done.

It is very exciting how much his magic shows depend on the iterations of the pediatric patients. The kids feel very special when they become part of the show. In addition to involving the patients in his show, Travis has an awesome ability to engage the whole room including nurses and care takers.


 March 29, 2013


I want to post some photos from March 29th. Travis put on a fun group magic performance and had the special opportunity to work with several patients one-on-one. We were thrilled to have so many enthusiastic patients and family members participating in the fun! :)