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Meet Jillian Popp

Organization / February 24, 2013


Jillian Popp graduated from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (RMCAD), April 2012 and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Her art training and skills include extensive knowledge of painting and drawing mediums, photography, sculpture, and performance art.

Her interest in becoming an art therapist was greatly influenced by her personal experiences and life history. Being born into a set of triplet has allowed her a uniquely supportive life. She recognizes that many people do not have a significant support system in their lives and hopes to offer valuable support as a therapist. Jillian has also faced life altering medical challenges, and has overcome them by using art as a healing tool. Artistic expression has helped her heal from heart surgery and cope with chronic pain. With a degree in art therapy she hopes to share the therapeutic experience of art making with her clients and community.

After graduation from RMCAD, Jillian began volunteering at Presbyterian Saint Luke’s Medical Center and the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. While working in Pediatrics, adult Oncology and the Antepartum unit she introduces people of different ages and abilities to creativity and healing arts. After completing over 200 hours of volunteer experience she has now entered into a 6 month internship with Cynthia Lockhart and Soul’s Palette Arts. The experiences she gains as a healing arts volunteer and intern have been eye opening and further reinforced her decision to pursue a career in medical art therapy.