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Tandy Rackerby

Organization / February 21, 2014


Tandy has enjoyed living and working in the Denver community for over 25 years, and joins Soul’s Palette Arts supporting the oncology and pediatric patients through her year long internship as a graduate expressive art therapy student.  Now on her second career in expressive art therapy, Tandy has interned at Porter Hospital and addiction treatment facilities before joining our team.  She holds a bachelors of science in Mass Communications from ASU, and is working on her Masters of Science in Counseling/Psychology with a concentration in Expressive Arts Therapy from Prescott College in Arizona.

She values her role as a wife, mother of a grown daughter, photographer (former videographer at the Las Vegas ABC News affiliate), gardener, digital artist, skier, and golfer. Tandy provides the bone marrow transplant patient with creative therapeutic activities in effort to lower their stress, improve coping skills, and aid in their healing process.  Her motto is “Boredom is not an option.”  More and more she spends a part of her time with patients showing them digital art apps on their personal tablets, as a majority of them are coming in with these portable image-making devices.  The benefit of digital art making is patients can create anywhere, during chemo treatments, at home or in the hospital and the patients can easily share their artwork to family and friends with a click of a button.  She engages with the pediatric patients either by their bedside or in small group activities held in the pediatric playrooms.  She exudes passion in her role here and carries that love to the patients.