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Ventriloquist, Mark Hellerstein

Performances / March 1, 2013


Mark brings a smile to pediatric patients today when he performed in patient rooms. Performances are possible through a grant received from the Rocky Mountain Children’s Foundation.

Mark became passionate about ventriloquism the moment he checked Paul Winchell’s book out from the library when he was ten years old. Mark discovered that the art encompasses virtually all aspects of performance: writing, acting, comedy, storytelling, singing, music, staging and even physical art itself (making figures and props). Although Mark didn’t make ventriloquism his primary career, the skills he learned (passion, discipline, creativity, speaking in groups, memorization, thinking on my feet) were critical in helping him achieve heights he never dreamed possible. Mark was named one of the most talented ventriloquists in the world over the last 15 years by Valentine Vox, THE definitive authority on the history of ventriloquism and ventriloquists and author of I Can See Your Lips Moving: The History and Art of Ventriloquism.