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Writing Prompts

Blog, Writing / December 4, 2014

In July, Lissa A. Forbes made an art bulletin board on the third floor outside BMT South including photos and writing prompts that she created in 2012 before her Leukemia diagnosis. Then she began to contribute monthly prompts to be posted on the board. Most people cannot face the blank page and just begin to write. It’s hard to get started, so by giving our patients a place to begin, they can then go in any direction. Each person will likely write something very different from another.


The prompts thus far are as follows:

  • July:  What is my most important habit?
  • August:  What makes you happy?
  • September: What do I wish for …?
  • October: Who inspires me? (family, friends, a celebrity)
  • November: What is my word? (choose a word to focus on and write what you feel about it, how it impacts you, etc)
  • December: What can I celebrate now? (look at small accomplishments or improvements)

Soon we will be embarking on a new year and will continue the prompts to help our patients heal.